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 A unique electric drive system eliminates dripping due to over-saturation and ensures consistent application and killing of weeds.


The W240 trailed Weed Wiper features a unique electric drive motor, operating at 25rpm. This ground-breaking feature ensures the roller runs at a constant speed regardless of the forward speed, which all but eliminates dripping whilst ensuring weeds get a good dose of herbicide (eg. Glyphosate).


The W240 features a huge 200mm (8″) diameter carpet roller, simple automated electrical operation, and integrated tank with hand-lance for years of trouble-free operation.


The all-new W240 Brush Model features a natural, hard wearing Tampico fibre brush mounted in segments. The Tampico brush provides the ultimate precision in chemical application, allowing weeds to pass through the brush bristles for a higher contact area and greater results.


Price + VAT

Chapman W240 Weed Wiper

PriceFrom £2,900.00
Excluding VAT |
    • 2.3m working width

    • Mounted 55ltr tank, pump and hand-lance

    • 200mm (8") diameter carpet roller

    • Unique electric drive system eliminates dripping, operating at 30rpm

    • Narrow 19x7x8" flotation tyres for low ground pressure without transferring chemical or striping

    • Easy to operate

    • Additional extra's available include: upgrade to brush applicator for a more precise application (+ or an additional control box with wiring 

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