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The TH200 is the latest in the range of time saving, innovative equipment from Chapman Machinery.


Designed predominately for use within paddocks & grassland, the TH200 has many benefits to keep your land in the best condition.


The four row’s of 40 8mm Harrow Spring Tines helps removal of dead thatch & moss whilst scarifying and aerating the ground to help promote healthy grass growth with superb results.


The TH200 can also be used to level and grade arenas, sand schools and gallops – careful and timely maintenance can make the difference between a long-lasting, brilliant riding surface, and a hard, dusty surface which can endanger both you and your horses.




  • Removal of small rooted weeds
  • Break up of livestock/horse manure in fields & paddocks
  • More light and air reaching the soil from removal of thatch & moss
  • Levelling of surface from mole hills and heavy soil
  • Preparing the ground for grass seed


Price + VAT

Chapman TH200 Tine Harrow

Excluding VAT |
    • 2.0m working width

    • 40 8mm Harrow Spring Tines over 4 rows

    • Heavy duty steel construction

    • Ground clearance 170mm

    • 12v electric lift actuator for raising and lowering times from remote switch

    • Height adjustable draw-bar for different tow ball heights

    • Good quality 19x7x8" tyres for easy towing

    • Ideal For ATV, UTV farm quad or small compact tractor or 4x4

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