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The MF350 Mounted Stock Feeder (Sheep Snacker) is an electric drive spaced-drop feeder designed for fitment into a UTV or 4×4 pickup bed. Featuring fully galvanised all-steel construction & electronic operation with high-visibility digital counter ensure the right amount of feed is dispensed, exactly where you want it. Drop size is variable from 0.5kg to 2kg (approx), and drop spacing is controlled by the forward speed of the UTV or 4×4.


The MF350 Mounted sheep snacker by Chapman Machinery is designed to be exceptionally strong, yet lightweight enough for use in wet, wintery conditions. Its fully galvanised and robust construction, including the use of high strength 2mm folded steel, ensures durability and longevity. Electronics are fully sealed to withstand winter weather.


Price + VAT

Chapman MF350 Mounted Feeder

PriceFrom £2,050.00
Excluding VAT |
    • 350L capacity Livestock Feeder / Sheep Snacker

    • Designed for UTV Bed Mounting

    • Electronic operation and digital counter

    • Fully Galvanised, robust construction

    • PVC Tonneau Cover
    • Adjustable Discharge Chute
    • Perfect for feeding sheep or cattle on a UTV

    • Additional extras include: additional control box with wiring included or extension sides to increase capacity to 550L 

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