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The BT500 Bale Transporter is a fantastic tool for moving round bales of hay or silage where a tractor is not available or if the ground is too wet for such a heavy machine, as it is designed for use behind an ATV, UTV or 4×4 (off-road only). 


The BT500 features an electric winch for loading and unloading the bale as standard, along with remote control. This allows even the heaviest bales to be loaded with ease and makes hitching and un-hitching the bale transporter quick and easy with just one small electrical plug connection to be made.


The innovative design of the BT500 round bale transporter means that the cradle arms automatically grip the bale as it is reversed up to it for loading, with only 1 small ratchet strap to be attached before the bale can be loaded securely and safely using the remote winch control.


Price + VAT

Chapman Bale Transporter BT500

PriceFrom £2,550.00
Excluding VAT |
    • 900kg Capacity for max bale size 1.5m x 1.5m (5'x5')

    • Electric lift winch as standard with wireless remote control

    • Twin Pivoting Axle 22x11x8" tyres as standard

    • Robust galvanised steel chassis

    • On board battery option for conversion to self powered machine for an additional £250+VAT

    • Designed for use behind ATV, UTV or 4x4 off road only, the low ground pressure and relatively light weight of the BT500 allows you to travel easily over rough or wet ground for feeding out-wintered stock

    • The BT500 is excellent for transporting bales where a tractor is not available or the ground is too wet for such a heavy machine

    • Can be used on small holdings and equestrian yards where a tractor is not available, allowing round bales to be used in place of small square bales at a considerable cost saving

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